Back in March, we reported on Microsoft’s plans to integrate its Skype and Microsoft Teams services. The cross functionality was expected in April, but as you probably know it didn’t happen. It now seems the integration has been delayed and won’t happen until June.

According to Brad Sams at Petri, Microsoft has referenced the delay in the Office 365 Admin Center. He says early testers of the Skype and Microsoft Teams integration were unhappy with the results. Microsoft has delayed the rollout to focus on improved the tools.

The new launch date for the combined functionality is now pegged for the end of next month. It seems Microsoft has yet to update the Microsoft 365 Roadmap website to reflect the change. Instead, the roadmap still points to the end of May, which was the first delayed schedule.

Integrated Tools

You may remember the integration will allow Microsoft Teams users to make calls and send messages directly to Skype users. In other words, recipients won’t need to be using Teams to receive messages and calls.

As we discussed in March, the integration is disabled by default. The feature will only be actionable by Admins heading to Microsoft 365 and managing external access settings.

Furthermore, this move is different from Microsoft’s efforts to fold Skype for Business into Microsoft Teams.

Back in August 2018, Microsoft confirmed Teams had reached feature parity with Skype for Business Online. Some users have voiced disagreement and said several features are missing. Skype for Business online remains open, but it will be shuttered next year.