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Microsoft Announces New Azure Stack Hub Features

At Build 2020, Microsoft revealed new features for Azure Stack Hub, including previews for ManagedIQ and Fleet Management.


Azure Stack Hub is a private/hybrid computing platform that has some big changes planned for. At Build 2020, the company revealed there are plenty of new features lined up for the service. That's a nice change of pace considering Microsoft has been quite on Stack Hub for a while.

Either way, Microsoft says it is rolling out Azure Stack Hub Fleet Management in private preview. This fork of the platform is built to provide organizations with a single management method directly from Azure. It extends across their Stack Hub deployments.

Microsoft CloudForms, which has recently become ManagedIQ is coming to Azure Stack Hub. It allows cloud operators to leverage RedHat tooling to manage resources across hubs. Microsoft says this tool is now in public preview.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Resource Provider is now available in private preview on Stack Hub. Microsoft describes the tool as a managed service for applications in containers. Customers can use the tool to manage Kubernetes clusters

Furthermore, Stack Hub is also receiving GPU portioning from AMD GPUs. This allows virtualization of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) on the platform. Microsoft says the ability is landing now in private preview.

Azure Synapse Link

Also at Build 2020, Microsoft announced Azure Synapse Link. The new service combines analytics with operational database services.

Microsoft points out there have been traditional barriers when customers wanted to support hybrid transactional analytical processing (HTAP) workloads. For example, the cost of handling HTAP workloads meant most organizations would make compromises. Azure Synapse Link aims to break through those barriers.

Last Updated on September 14, 2020 4:23 pm CEST

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