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Microsoft’s TypeScript 3.9 Adds Major Compiling Performance Gains

Microsoft says its TypeScript 3.9 update brings significant improvements to compiling performance, especially on the styled-components and material-ui libraries.


has launched TypeScript version 3.9, adding more tools to its fledgling programming language. The most notable of the changes is the service will now compile faster. Microsoft says the gains are most notable in the UI libraries material-ui and styled-components.

TypeScript is growing in the development community because it gives dev's easy tools for scaling up projects written in . This achieved as a compiler tool with security and check programs based on static arrays, strings, text, and numbers. TypeScript is an excellent choice for finding errors in JavaScript code.

According to the TypeScript team, pull requests allowed the optimization of pathological cases of large conditional types, intersections and mapped types. The result is a significant improvement in compiling times.

“Our team has been focusing on performance after observing extremely poor editing/compilation speed with packages like material-ui and styled-components,” the team says.

“Each of these pull requests gains about a 5% to 10% reduction in compile times on certain codebases. In total, we believe we've achieved around a 40% reduction in material-ui's compile time.”

Pointing to the performance gains in TypeScript 3.9, a Microsoft employee working on Outlook for Web says compile times on his workloads reduced from 26 seconds to 10 seconds.

New Improvements

Microsoft's TypeScript is becoming increasingly popular amongst developers. Analyst firm RedMonk revealed recently TypeScript is now the 12th most used programming language on GitHub and Stack Overflow.

If you want to know more about changes made in TypeScript 3.9, check out Microsoft's official blog post. For example, there are changes to the editor experience, alongside improved compliance with the ECMAScript.

“For this release our team been has been focusing on performance, polish, and stability. We've been working on speeding up the compiler and editing experience, getting rid of friction and papercuts, and reducing bugs and crashes.”

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