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Windows 10: How to Install and Use Desktop Sticky Notes

We show you how to install and use Sticky Notes in Windows 10, including pinning to the desktop and syncing them for Sticky Notes online use.


Though there are various third-party solutions, the best software for is the one that comes with the OS. has significantly revamped its tool in recent times, meaning you can now use Sticky Notes online via OneNote, pin them to the desktop, and much more.

Having post-it notes for your desktop is a life-saver if you're a fan of their physical form. You can use sticky notes as a reminder each time you minimize a window without the environmental footprint. You can also add lists, images, and make use of shortcuts to keep things efficient. Unlike other App-Windows you can keep thoes Sticky Notes always visible if desired.

You can find the download for Sticky Notes in the Windows 10 store if it's missing from your PC. To install Sticky Notes, simply press the “Get” button as you would any other app. With that done, you're ready to use desktop sticky notes in Windows 10. 

How to Use Sticky Notes in Windows 10

Time needed: 3 minutes

Microsoft has made creating Sticky Notes in Windows 10 almost as easy as the physical version. All you need is the app and a few clicks/shortcuts.

  1. Open Sticky Notes

    Press the Start button and type “Sticky Notes”. Click the first results to run the app.

    Windows 10 - Search - Sticky Notes

  2. Sign-in with a Microsoft account

    Starting Sticky Notes for the first time will present you with two options: using your current Windows account or signing in with a different one, which can be local only. This choice is entirely up to you. Click the one that's most relevant.

    Windows 10 - Sticky Notes - Get started

  3. Create a new Sticky Note

    You'll now see a blank window with a search bar and the Sticky Notes title at the top. In the top left, press the plus button, or hit “Ctrl + N”. This will automatically put a sticky note on the desktop in Windows 10.

    Windows 10 - Sticky Notes - Create Note

  4. Write/format your note

    You can now add whatever content you wish to the note, either with a keyboard or a touchscreen and pen. The note you created will then display in a list on the main panel for easy access. If you signed in with your Microsoft account, you can also access your sticky notes online via OneNote.

    Windows 10 - Sticky Notes - Formatting

  5. Open color options

    For organization's sake, you can also change the color of your notes. Press the three dots in the top-right corner of the note to access the fly-out menu.

    Windows 10 - Sticky Notes - Formatting

  6. Change the color to your liking

    Desktop Sticky Notes has a total of seven color options to choose from, which should be enough for just about anyone. You can change it to your liking in this sub-menu, view the master list, or delete the note entirely.

    Windows 10 - Sticky Notes - Colors

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