Microsoft has rolled out a new update for its Chromium Edge web browser. However, the update is specifically for the Dev preview channel so is not available to end users just yet.

With this release, Chromium Edge on the Dev channel has moved to build 84.0.495.2. While the update is largely focused on fixing known issues, it does add some new features.

The most notable is SmartScreen, that helps users to more efficiently block unwanted applications. SmartScreen is a tool that was once built into Microsoft Outlook to weed out spam emails. Microsoft removed the feature from Outlook back in 2016.

Elsewhere in build 84.0.495.2 of Chromium Edge on the Dev channel, Microsoft added a tool called Guided Switch. The feature was previously available to work and school users but is now also available for personal users.

Also included in the new additions, Microsoft added a keyboard shortcut to open the options bar in Immersive Reader.


Below you can see the full changelog, including numerous fixes.

  • Added the ability for Guided Switch to offer to switch to personal profiles instead of just work or school profiles.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut (Alt+Shift+R on Windows) to show the options bar in Immersive Reader.
  • Added support for SmartScreen to block potentially unwanted apps that are downloaded as ClickOnce or DirectInvoke applications.
  • Added the ability for developers to debug Edge instances that are running in headless mode.
  • Fixed an issue where right clicking the back/forward buttons to open the Travel Log crashes the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the link on the History management page to clear browsing data crashes the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to Share multiple times in quick succession sometimes crashes the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where Edge installation on Mac sometimes hangs.
  • Fixed an issue where the first IE mode tab in a window sometimes hangs on its initial navigation.
  • Fixed an issue where browser sign in fails because the sign in dialog sometimes doesn’t appear.
  • Fixed another issue where random renderer processes sometimes have high, consistent CPU use.
  • Fixed an issue where pasting into text fields on webpages sometimes doesn’t work.
  • Fixed an issue where Edge’s Taskbar shortcut sometimes disappears.
  • Fixed an issue where apps appear in the … > Apps menu that shouldn’t.
  • Fixed an issue where the website info flyout isn’t correct in Immersive Reader.
  • Fixed an issue where certain address fields can’t be left empty when editing an address saved in Settings even though they should be able to be.
  • Fixed an issue where the on-screen keyboard sometimes dismisses other popups when it shouldn’t.
  • Fixed an issue where the URL shown in Immersive Reader is the webpage’s original URL instead of one specifying that reading mode is currently active.
  • Fixed an issue where the link to review security settings on the Sync settings page goes to the location for personal accounts even when signed into the browser with a work or school account.
  • Fixed an issue where Collections exported to Word sometimes don’t have the language set properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Guest window tabs appeared as “InPrivate” in the browser Task Manager.
  • Fixed an issue where the Find on Page popup sometimes doesn’t appear when using Shy UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the username displayed on the Privacy Settings page is sometimes a lot of 0’s.