Google G Suite Now Links with Windows 10 Devices

Admins working on Google G Suite can now manage Windows 10 devices directly in the service, including organizing updates and managing security.

has announced an important update for its productivity suite. According to Mountain View, users can now manage Windows 10 devices directly from the Admin console in G Suite. This allows users to tap into like their already can for iOS, Chrome, and hardware.

By enabling SSO in Admin, G Suite users can also access SSO-enabled devices based on Windows 10. By leveraging the Google Credential Provider, users can allow employees to use G Suite credentials to login to Windows 10 devices.

Admins can also secure these devices through the platform by using Google's anti-hijacking and suspicious login detection technologies.

Furthermore, users of G Suite Enterprise, Enterprise for Education, and Cloud Identity Premium are getting additional perks. Specifically, they can organize Windows updates in with organizational policies and perform admin actions such as configuring updates on Windows 10.


In a blog post, Google points to the following management tools for the new ability:

  • Log into Windows 10 systems using a Google account
  • Control Windows 10 update rules
  • Enable BitLocker encryption remotely
  • Change Windows 10 settings remotely
  • Wipe or remove corporate data from a device
  • Sign users out of their Google Account on a Windows 10 device, and more

G Suite admins who want to tap into Windows 10 device management will need to have Google Credential Provider for Windows app on their Windows 10 devices. Google says the new feature is heading to users over the coming three days and will be available to all customers.