Amid the COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak, we have seen several Microsoft services enjoying a surge in users. Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and Skype have seen record numbers of users as hundreds of millions work and communicate exclusively online. Even Redmond’s AltSpaceVR platform has seen the surge of activity.

Microsoft says the virtual reality meeting place and communication tool has had a record number of inquiries from organizations wanting to adopt VR technology during the COVID-19 outbreak.

To make the platform more accommodating for individuals and businesses, Microsoft has announced some new tools. AltSpaceVR now has the ability to create ticketed events, and engage in private meetings and conferences.


Elsewhere, services like Patreon can link into the platform to create meetings. Microsoft says the changes are focused on attracting even hosts, and people involved in the arts, such as poets and musicians.


Below are the new tools in full:

To see more about event meetings in AltspaceVR, read more at their blog post here.

Microsoft acquired AltSpaceVR in 2018.

“Welcome to AltspaceVR, the easiest way to meet people from around the world, play interactive games, and attend free live events in VR,” says its Microsoft Store description. “Choose from over 28 activities or attend live events with comedians, DJs, authors, celebrities, and more. Day or night, there’s always someone to hang out with.”