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Microsoft’s Mixer Gives a $100 Coronavirus Bonus to Its Partnered Streamers

Many of Mixer's partner streamers have received a $100 donation as they feel the impact of economic uncertainty caused by coronavirus.


's has gifted $100 to all of its active partner streamers. The company did not announce the gifts but did confirm them after numerous questions from those on the platform.

With so many staying at home in self or imposed isolation, Mixer's viewers aren't dwindling by any means. However, there are quite a few other factors to consider that have been leading to hardship for some. Economic uncertainty and job loss is one of them – with many fans unable to continue their regular donations. Additionally, while there have been a couple of notable game releases and updates, many have been delayed, and Xbox devs have been asked not to drop them at peak times.

Mixer partners must have an account at least two months old, have at least 2,000 followers and stream 12 or more times per month. As a result, there are a lot of streamers on the platform who don't have Microsoft's coveted approval, and some partners are determined to pass the gift on.

None of this is going to help with the serious problems caused by Covid-19, such as missed rent payments. It may, however, help put food on the table or account for days where they were unable to stream due to illness.

Though Mixer is still far from the popularity of , it has netted some large streamers in recent times, including Ninja. Acts like this reinforce an image of it as a kind and caring community as its competitor continues to struggle with accusations of favoritism and unfairness.

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