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Xbox Series X is Much More Powerful Than PlayStation 5 Claims Former Sony Developer

A former developer on Sony’s Killzone 2 suggests the Xbox Series X is much more powerful that the PS5, with a “staggering” difference.


Most of the details about the and Sony are known, at least in terms of their specs. On paper, the specs of the two upcoming 9th generation consoles seem to be similar in terms of potential performance. One developer suggests this is not the case and the Xbox Series X is far more powerful

Chris Grannell is a game designer who has been involved with development on Formula 1 games. He also worked directly with Sony on the PlayStation exclusive Killzone 2. On Twitter, he said Xbox Series X is more powerful than PS5 and suggests it's not even close.

Grannell says he talked to people in the industry and said the difference between the consoles is “staggering”. He points out this does not necessarily mean good games are impossible on PS5. If the roaring success of the Wii alongside the Xbox 360 and PS3 showed anything its that the power of a console does not always equate to success.

It is also worth noting some things. Firstly, Grannell does not say who he talked to and when he talked to them. I assume the people he talked to are somehow close to both consoles, but there's no confirmation.

Perhaps it is worth waiting until more developers arrive to confirm or refute this claim before making last conclusions.

Powerful Xbox

What is true about Grannell's claims is that the Xbox Series X will be a very powerful gaming machine, regardless of the PS5.

says the console will have a CPU and GPU pairing based on AMD's Zen2 and RDNA 2 architecture. Redmond has also confirmed there's a solid state drive (SSD) in the Xbox Series X, marking its first console departure from HDDs.

Later, Microsoft returned to confirm the Series X will also allow gamers to pick up where they left off. The console will support the tool across multiple games when the console is rebooted.

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