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Microsoft Job Posting Hints at Plans for ‘Innovative’ Dual-Screen UI Features

A job posting reveals Microsoft's plans to create innovative solutions for its dual-screen Surface Neo, with changes possibly tricking down from Windows 10X.


has published a new job post for its Windows Devices and User Experience (WDUX) team. The software engineer will be working on the innovations in UI, specifically on .

“The Windows Devices and User Experience (WDUX) team is responsible for driving new innovation around devices and form factors, including the new Windows 10X user experience for Surface Neo,” reads the post.

“The Natural User Interfaces (NUI) team is looking to hire talented engineers to build new and improved ways to make it easy for users to be productive when interacting with Devices in non-traditional postures (ex: using tablets and foldables away from a desk), using a wide range of natural input modalities: Pen, Typing on a digital keyboard, Voice and multi-modal use cases.”

The contributor will be prototyping and designing features while participating in code reviews and collaborating with various team members. The main focus here is on new multi-modal devices such as dual-screen, which will primarily launch on Windows 10X. However, we could see some of these additions trickle down into regular , much like we have with the new icons and various design tweaks. The company has given peeks at changes to the Start Menu and Windows Explorer, the latter of which will be coming to Windows 10.

Unfortunately, the job posting doesn't give much else away, but it is a confirmation that Microsoft is looking to approach its new OS flavor in an intelligent way. As well as new form factors, 10X is rumored to be launching on some thin and light laptops, but we're yet to get any official confirmation of that.

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