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Microsoft Power BI Gets More Efficient Multi-Geo Capacities

Microsoft says it has enhanced performance of Multi-Geos in Power BI, making it easier for users to connect to remote locations.


has this week delivered some performance enhancements for its Power BI services. Specifically, the company has expanded the capabilities of the Multi-Geo capacities. According to Microsoft, users can now connect to remote regions more efficiently.

Power BI Multi Geo capacities are purposely configured in remote locations, allowing uses to not be limited to their home region.

However, accessing the capacities was previously complicated. It involved moving through a multi-stage connection. Users had to make a connection through their home region and the remote region. The costs of doing this became too steep for many users.

Microsoft says the new performance enhancement brings important changes. Users can now connect to the remote region more easily. For example, users can now make a connection with the remote capacity without needing to access their home region.

This is important because it reduces load times, boosts performance, and cuts overheads.

“With the latest improvement, remote users dependent on the remote capacity for viewing reports do not need to have their browsers connect to the home region while viewing and interacting with reports, making reports load faster and the data exploration experience faster and more responsive.”

Microsoft says improved Multi-Geo capacities are now available across all browsers and in all regions. However, the company says it is not available on Power BI Mobile or the Embedded flavor of the service. As for Mobile support, Microsoft says it will arrive in the coming weeks.

Multi-Select Tool

Speaking of the Power BI Mobile experience, earlier this month Microsoft brought Multi-Select to iOS and Android.

“We've added the capability to multi-select multiple data points in a report page. When multi-select is turned on, each data point you tap is added to the other selected data points, with the combined results automatically highlighted in all the visuals in the page. To turn on multi-select mode, go to the app settings page.”

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