GitHub has today fully launched its new mobile experience on Android and iOS. The app is available on the Google Play Store and App Store as a free download. Initially announced last November, the app has been in preview on iOS since then and on Android since January.

With the new app, users of the Microsoft-owned code repository service can manage their projects on mobile devices. Furthermore, developers can provide feedback, respond to comments, organize tasks, and review pull requests.

It is also possible to view code but that as far as the app takes it in terms of code management. You won’t be able to edit code on the app, at least not yet.

GitHub sends notifications on your device in the form of an inbox similar to an email client. This makes handling tasks easy, such as a swipe to save or complete tasks. Elsewhere on the app, users can use emojis in the comments section.

Mobile Driving the Platform

When the company announced the mobile experience last year, GitHub was eager to stress the importance of the app.

“My bet is that more that half of interactions that take place on GitHub in 5 years will take place on mobile,” GitHub CEO Nat Friedman said in a press conference.

“This is kind of like the missing link to the GitHub experience,” GitHub VP of engineering Dana Lawson told VentureBeat. “With mobile you can manage, triage, and clear notifications, collaborate on pull requests, and then also you can receive push notifications when directly mentioned.”

You can download GitHub on iOS from the App Store here and on Android from the Play Store here.