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Microsoft Teams Suffers Under the Strain of At-Home Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic

Microsoft Teams saw several features fail in Europe as many workers in the continent went remote during mass lockdowns.


The group has confirmed is facing issues on Monday morning and some features were down for some users in Europe. While Teams was down for European users in the early hours, it was unrelated to the cloud issue that saw an outage across Xbox Live, Mixer, and on Sunday night.

It seems instead that Teams simply suffered for having too many people accessing the service. As the (novel ) continues to spread with its epicenter in Europe, many countries are in full lockdown.

Because of this, more people are working from home and relaying on services like Microsoft Teams for work and collaboration. Europe's remote workforce has increased exponentially in just a week and put strain on services like Teams.

Microsoft says it investigated “messaging-related functionality problems”. However, some users say they faced other issues, such as being unable to record messages, share screens, and even create new teams.

Luckily, the problems were quickly resolved, and Microsoft says Teams is now working with all features again.

Free Teams

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced it was making a premium version of Teams available during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Microsoft is offering a free six-month trial to the premium version of Microsoft Teams. Now available globally, the tier will help organizations manage their workforces and remain connected. When signing up for the tier, customers will work with a Microsoft sales team member to help the set-up process.

Furthermore, Microsoft updated free Microsoft Teams on March 10th to remove restrictions on how many people can be part of a team. Elsewhere, the service will also now allow users to schedule conferences and video calls.

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