Windows 10X Emulator Arrives on the Microsoft Store

Microsoft says the Windows 10X emulator is now available to everyone following a month limited to the Insider Program.

Last month was busy in terms of 10X news as rolled out an emulator for the new OS. Microsoft also expanded many details of the platform before it lands on the later this year. Now, Redmond has expanded the emulator to allow anyone to test Windows 10X. The emulator released nearly a month ago was limited to Windows Insider Program users. With the new emulator, even non-Insiders can access and test Windows 10X. The fully available emulator is part of 10X emulator version 10.0.19578 which is available from the . “The Windows 10X Emulator Image version 10.0.19578 includes a new EULA that no longer requires it to be installed on a Windows Insiders machine,” Microsoft explains. “You can now install it on Windows 10 version 10.0.17763 or higher. With released SDKs, developers can use this new configuration to test their existing apps on the dual-screen and to enhance their app experiences with dual-screen patterns; taking advantage of TwoPaneView class and leveraging the Wonder Bar with CompactOverlay.”

Win32 Plans

Alongside the expansion of the emulator, Microsoft has also provided more details about how Windows 10X handles Win32 applications. The platform allows users to run UWP applications from the Microsoft Store and Win32 programs. As we know, the latter will run in containers to make up for the lack of legacy components in Win10X. We already know Windows 10X will have two separate File Explorers for handling these different ways of accessing apps. Microsoft insists most Win32 programs will work without developers having to do anything. For apps that don't function, the company says it will work with dev's to ensure they do.