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Microsoft Remote Desktop for iOS Receives New RDP-Focused Update

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop for iOS app received an extensive update, including the ability to launch RDP files from iCloud.


After almost ignoring its app for iOS for over a year, has shown a renewed interest in the tool in recent months. This week, a new update has landed on iPhones and iPads, bringing Remote Desktop to Version 10.0.5.

While not the feature rich bump we have seen in previous months, the new release does make some important changes.

For example, launched RDP files will now be imported automatically. However, users must turn this feature on by heading to the General settings on the app. Sticking with RDP files, Microsoft says iCloud RDP files that have not been downloaded to Files can now be launched.

Elsewhere, Remote Desktop for iOS now has new support. Microsoft added support for the floating keyboard on the iPad, and for typing composite characters through multiple keystrokes.

Full Version 10.0.5 Changelog

  • Automatic import of launched RDP files (look for the toggle in General settings).
  • iCloud-based RDP files that have not yet been downloaded in the Files app can now be launched.
  • The remote session can now extend underneath the Home indicator on iPhones (look for the toggle in Display settings).
  • Added support for typing composite characters (such as é) with multiple keystrokes.
  • Added support for the iPad on-screen floating keyboard.
  • Added support for adjusting properties of redirected cameras from a remote session.
  • Fixed a bug in the gesture recogniser that was causing the client to become unresponsive when connected to a remote session.
  • You can now enter app switching mode with a single swipe up (except when you are in touch mode with the session extended into the Home indicator area).
  • The Home indicator will now automatically hide when connected to a remote session (and reappear if the screen is tapped).
  • Added a keyboard shortcut to get to app settings in the Connection Centre (COMMAND+ ,).
  • Added a keyboard shortcut to refresh all workspaces in the Connection Centre (COMMAND + R).
  • Hooked up the system keyboard shortcut for Escape when connected to a remote session (COMMAND + .).
  • Fixed scenarios where the Windows on-screen keyboard in the remote session was too small.
  • Implemented auto-keyboard focus throughout the Connection Centre to make data entry more seamless.
  • Hitting ENTER at a credential prompt will now result in the prompt being dismissed and the current flow resuming.
  • Fixed a scenario where the client would crash when pressing SHIFT + OPTION + (LEFT, UP or DOWN) ARROW.
  • And fixed a crash that occurred when removing a SwiftPoint device.
  • Fixed crashes that were showing up in error reporting.”

Recent Attention

Back in November, Microsoft issued its first update for Remote Desktop on iOS in over a year. Since then, the company has continued its renewed commitment to the app. Last month, an extensive update was rolled out for iOS.

Microsoft Remote Desktop for iOS is available from the App Store here.

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