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Microsoft Could be Resurrecting Windows Sets for 20H2 Update

References to Windows Sets have been found in a recent Windows 10 Insider preview, suggesting Microsoft continues to work on the tabbing tool.


One of the most interesting features of recent years was called Windows Sets, which was introduced by a few years ago. However, a quick tour of Windows 10 shows that Sets never made it to the platform. Now it seems Microsoft may be preparing to resurrect the tool.

Windows Sets is a tabbing system that will work across Windows 10. Essentially a universal tab ability for applications. It works like tabs on a web browser, allowing users to open a tab in an application by clicking a + symbol in the title bar. A new tab will show recent apps, documents, and a search.

According to Tero Alhonen, references for Sets are found in the Windows 10 SDK for version 19577. Last year, Microsoft said it was removing a definitive launch for the feature. While Redmond did not kill off the idea entirely, the company said it would not arrive until it was ready.

The concept of using Windows 10 Sets is to be able to multi-task more easily without needing to leave an app you are in. However, Sets was delayed numerous times after its initial slated April 2018 launch.


After another delay in 2018, Microsoft revealed in April 2019 that Windows Sets was taken off the development cycle and effectively cancelled. Hopes were raised when a rumor suggested Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds would bring the tool before the November 2019 Update.

That did not happen, and Sets seemed to be permanently killed off. However, it now looks like Microsoft may still be working on the tool. A release with now seems likely if we are to see the feature.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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