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Mozilla Launches Firefox 74 with Support for Chromium Edge Import

Firefox 74 prevents unwanted add-on installations while making it easier to migrate from Edge and hide from Facebook.


Mozilla has released Firefox 74, the next major update to its browser. The releases touches on numerous areas, from its much-valued privacy to addon safety, TLS depreciation, and login management.

Interestingly, it also has a feature to help those migrating from 's Chromium Edge. Mozilla has simplified the process of importing cookies, history, saved passwords and favorites, with users able to utilize its wizard and select ‘ Beta' for an automatic transfer.

In the privacy arena, Firefox now better hides your identity when voice and video calling, adding support for mDNS ICE to cloak users with a random IP in some WebRTC scenarios. It also upgraded its ‘ Container' addon, letting users add an exception to the blocking of the company's trackers on certain sites.

Speaking of add-ons, Mozilla is charging forward with its increased strictness in this release. From now on, only users can install an addon. This means you won't end up with annoying toolbars if you download crapware, but it could be frustrating if you do want automatic installation. Add-ons installed by external applications before now will be disabled automatically.

Meanwhile, login management has received a small upgrade – the ability to sort reverse alphabetically in Lockwise. This combines with various security fixes to ensure users are the safest they can be.

Finally, website admins should be aware that TLS 1.0 and 1.1 are no longer supported by the browser. Utilizing them will lead to a ‘Secure Connection Failed' error, following similar commitments from Microsoft, , and .

TLS is the cryptographic protocol that gives you that little green padlock in your browser bar. Version 1 of the protocol contains a flaw that lets attackers downgrade user's security to SSL 3.0 to weaken them, and TLS 1.2 and above generally provides much better security.

You can read the full release notes for Firefox 74 on the official site, and download it here.

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