Microsoft rolling out a Windows 10 update and that update then swiftly proceeding to mess up user’s machines now seems a part of Redmond’s Windows experience. Once again users are complaining a Windows 10 update is causing problems.

This time, the issues surround a recent Windows update that was supposed to fix a long-standing Windows Search problem. While KB4535996 did its job and fixed the search issue, it brought with a hot of new bugs.

Users have taken to the internet to complain about several problems. For example, now being able to download the KB4535996 patch and not being able to boot their PC once it is installed.


TechRadar also reports on a Sign Tool app problem that is making the tool crash. Sure, you probably have no idea what the Sign Tool is, but it does have some significance in Windows. Specifically, it is used for admins to verify who signs a file.

While a misbehaving program is problematic for a subset of users, PCs that are not booting at all is more of an all-encompassing. Unfortunately, that’s what some Windows 10 users are experiencing this week.

Complaints range from machines taking a long time to boot up to getting completely stuck in the start cycle. Luckily, users are still able to enter Safe Mode and uninstall the botched KB4535996 patch.

Microsoft’s Response

Microsoft is usually forthcoming with admitting fault when a Windows update causes problems. However, that is not the case this time as Redmon says it “is not currently aware of any issues with this update.”

We expect that situation will change soon because there certainly are problems with the patch. In the meantime, we advise uninstalling the update until a more stable version is available.