Microsoft Begins Automatic Chromium Edge Rollout

As promised, Microsoft has started to send out its new Chromium Edge browser automatically to Windows Insiders.

released its new browser experience on January 15 following nearly a year of preview development. However, since the launch the new Edge has been optional for 10 users. promised an automatic rollout would arrive and has now started the release schedule.

10 users on the Windows Insider are now receiving automatically. This means they don't have to manually download the browser as it is now the replacement for the old HTML5-based Edge.

Microsoft says the rollout is gradual but should come to everyone on the soon. Once that happens, a push to the end-user Windows 10 experience used by the general public should arrive shortly after.

If you're unfamiliar with the new Edge experience, it is an updated version of Microsoft's web browser. It is based on 's Chromium web rendering language, which is also the underpinning for Chrome.

This means both Chromium Edge and Chrome are developed over the same foundation. Both browsers can share features, something we have seen happen consistently since Microsoft made the switch.

It is worth noting the automatic Chromium Edge release won't be coming to Enterprise and Education users.

Edge Availability

For users who want the new Edge experience, there is no need to wait for the automatic rollout to reach your PC. Instead, you can download the browser directly from the official website. Furthermore, while the browser is now generally available, Microsoft continues to run a three-tiered preview and development structure.

This means if you want the latest Edge features before they are generally available, you can use the preview version of the browser.