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Prediction: Apple to Launch ARM-Based Mac in 2021

According to one notable Apple analyst, the company will embrace ARM computing through a proprietary CPU in 2021.


While 's push towards embracing ARM-based laptops is underway with Windows 10 on ARM and the Surface Pro X. Over on the Mac side of the PC realm, has been more reluctant to discuss its plans regarding an ARM-based Mac. However, rumors have persisted for several years that the company would deliver such a device.

Now, noted Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, claims that Apple might be readying its ARM Mac for release in 2021. He says the device will launch next year with a proprietary CPU.

Kuo believes Cupertino will launch the device in the next 12 to 18 months. Considering Mac devices are typically launched in spring or autumn, that timeline makes sense. It is worth noting Kuo has previously predicted Apple will get on board with ARM-based computing.

In 2018, the analyst said Apple would move away from and create its own chipset. Back then, Kuo mooted a 2021 launch so the dates seem to be aligning.


It is worth noting that none of this information is official. Apple has never confirmed if it is interested in ARM processing on Mac, or whether it plans to move away from Intel. However, we did report last year on the company seemingly hiring people with an ARM switch in mind.

Cupertino announced the arrival of Mike Filippo, a leading processor designer who has worked with AMD, Intel, and later specifically on ARM. Apple is already a major ARM partner, using the British company's processors in its A-series CPUs in iPad and . ARM also underpins the company's products.

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