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Microsoft’s OneDrive Content Checks Catch Pedophile

Microsoft’s snooping of user OneDrive files allowed the company to catch a Florida man hosting inappropriate child images on the service.


For , all storage roads should lead to its OneDrive cloud service. The company makes the storage platform the default for documents and other tools. For example, several of the company's apps on mobile devices also send saved files to OneDrive by default. Of course, users can change if they want.

One of the things users seem to have to give up in order to store on OneDrive is their privacy. This is mostly a problematic thing, but in one case Microsoft's snooping has yielded some positive results as a company found a pedophile who has since been charged.

Of course, under Microsoft's terms and conditions for using OneDrive, there are certain restrictions on what content you can store. When you sign up for the service, it is also an agreement that the company can check your content to see if it complies. Naturally, most of the restricted content is around legality.

While you do not know about it, Microsoft conducts checks on user cloud content regularly. According to Local10 News, the company recently discovered one users was storing inappropriate images of children in OneDrive.


Microsoft informed South Florida Internet Crimes Against Children via the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. A Florida man, Jario Antonio Cabrera admitted to uploading and viewing the three images and video but did not confirm where they came from. Cabrera was charged with three counts of photographs/film of a child performing a sexual act and one count of computer pornography and is currently detained in Broward County main jail.

Microsoft categorized the content as A2, which means “any images depicting nudity and one or more of the following: restraint, sexually suggestive poses focus on genitals, inappropriate touching, adult arousal, spreading of limbs or genitals, and such depiction lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value.”

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