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Microsoft Debuts New Flight Simulator Preview Update

Microsoft’s latest update for Flight Simulator highlights two new Feature Discovery Series episodes and more Alpha invitations.


has been slowing down its Flight Simulator 2 preview updates over the last month. At the end of 2019, the company was surfacing weekly updates but so far in 2020 there have only been three releases. The good news is Microsoft appears to be getting back on track and has released a new update for the game.

Launched at the end of last week, the update follows last month's continuation of the Alpha (Tech Alpha 2) Invitation process. Another round of Alpha invitations has now been opened with the latest update.

For Friday's update, Microsoft brough the next two episodes of its Feature Discovery Series to Flight Simulator testers. For Episode 6, Microsoft discusses airports it has developed within the game environment. In Episode 7, the company takes a deep dive into the instrument flight rules (IFR).

It is worth noting Episode 6 will arrive this week while Episode 7 won't debut until March 5. What's interesting about that delay until Episode 7, it could mean Microsoft has no more plans for Flight Simulator updates this month. If that's the case, it seems the weekly update schedule is gone for good.

More Details

Looking at the new round of Alpha invitations, Microsoft says they are currently available and running from February 13 to 18. For the next Alpha update, Redmond says it is making changes to in-game tools and has also debuted a new aircraft editor for changing aircraft parameters.

Finally, the Flight Simulator SDK is being expanded to more partners. So far, only 30 Microsoft partners are using the SDK but the company promises more will get it soon.

Last November, Microsoft hinted it is working on a virtual reality version of Flight Simulator. In an new interview with AVSim, Microsoft says users may get to experience those visual up close. Indeed, the company says Microsoft Flight Simulator is likely to be available in virtual reality.

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