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SwiftKey On iOS Receives Haptic Feedback

Microsoft’s SwiftKey app now has support for haptic feedback on iOS, while SIM currency symbols have also been added.


has rolled out an update for its SwiftKey keyboard on 's iOS. Users of the iPhone and iPad can now update to version 2.7.4. of the popular app. This latest release comes with two new features that should interest most people.

First up, Microsoft has greenlit haptic feedback support on SwiftKey. With this feature, users can choose to receive touch feedback as they type. It's worth noting haptic feedback can be turned on and off. To enable or disable the feature, head to Settings > Key haptic feedback.

Next, SwiftKey now displays the currently symbol of the country where your SIM card is from. However, the keyboard will only display the currency symbol if it is different to the country settings on your device.

You can grab SwiftKey on iOS from the App Store here.

Recent Updates

Last month, the app brought a space bar cursor to iOS. This is a cursor control feature that basically brings more functionality to the space bar. Specifically, it's now possible to use the space bar to navigate. Yes, this is similar to BlackBerry's physical keyboard space bar.

With this tool, SwiftKey on iOS is now more useful if you need to correct a spelling mistake. For example, with the cursor you can move to individual letters and not delete whole words. We guess the feature will make its way to Android soon.

Over on Android, the keyboard recently added a Messaging Center. Users access the Messaging center by selecting the i icon. That's also a new addition that can be found above the keyboard layout. Once the center is open, users can search through notifications and other info from SwiftKey.

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