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Independent Benchmarks Suggest AMD’s Ryzen H-Series Could Beat Intel Comet Lake

Newly discovered benchmarks show AMD's 4800H beating out the competition in 3DMark physics cores, but trailing behind in combined CPU+GPU tests.


AMD made bold claims at CES 2020 last month, including that its Ryzen H-series of laptop chips would be on-par with 's high-end and even the i7-9700K. However, its main comparison was against its competition's current offering, the i7-1065G7. Intel may not be advancing at the same pace as AMD, but it has new chips due sometime this year.

Now, Twitters _rogame has spotted 3DMark results that pit the 4800H and an RX 5600M against Intel's i7-10760H Comet Lake with a 2060 Max Q. The results are quite interesting. The 4800H edges by 10-11% in individual graphics and physics scores, but Intel wins out by 7.8% in the combined test.

The graphics score of a 3D Mark test measures just the GPU and the physics score solely the CPU. As you'd expect, combined tests both, which indicates that Intel has found a better meshing between the hardware at this early stage, perhaps due to power management.

For reference, the 4800H is an 8-core/16 thread 43W with a base close of 2.9 GHz. The i7-10750H has 6 cores and 12 threads with a base of 2.6. However, the Intel chip is able to achieve a higher boost clock than AMD's chip, at 4.69 GHz vs 2.97 GHz. 3D Mark tends to reward higher clock speeds over cores, being primarily based on gaming performance.

As a result, we may see Ryzen giving even better results in scenarios that can better utilize its cores. That could include tasks like 3D rendering, editing, and general multitasking. Even so, you can't fully trust benchmarks at this stage as they may be based on prototype hardware or have other inaccuracies.

It'll be interesting to see how they stack up once reviewers get their hands on them, as this could be the first truly convincing laptop lineup AMD has managed to muster. The question for fans, of course, is what the company's Surface lineup will go with, the Surface Laptop 3 somewhat unsuccessfully breaking the mold with a Ryzen offering.

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