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Eve Promises to Give Microsoft “a Run for its Money” with New Surface Killer

The Eve V's successor has started development and the company is looking for input from its fans to determine exactly what it will feature.


You may remember Eve V. The first crowd-funded 2-in-1 was born out of a small team in Finland and was so popular it crashed IndieGoGo’s payment system. Our editor-in-chief gave it a spin at the time and found it to be a little heavier and slower than the competition, but attractively priced.

It’s been over two years since its launch and Eve has even launched a monitor in that time. Now, though, the eyes are firmly on Eve V version 2.0, and it has revealed a little more about its plans for the device.

Like it’s predecessor, version 2 will rely heavily on the community to influence the specs and features that go into the device. Eve admits that these days the V “fails to keep up with newer offers from our competitors in the eys of more demanding users”.

The company also highlighted several areas that it wants to improve, from keyboard reliability to processing power. Community manager Rob Windhouwer says the company now has better industry contacts that will let it source parts directly and better avoid delays.

“Some of our choices are easy. Newer SoCs are faster and offer a broader feature set, there are newer, faster types of memory, there are new standards for WiFi and Bluetooth. Other things aren’t quite as straightforward,” Windhouwer said. “Do we stick with aluminium and its cooling benefits and silky finish, or do we choose weight reduction by switching to magnesium alloy?”

He confirmed that the Eve V2 will have the same 2-in-1 tablet and folio keyboard combo, as well as a x86 processor and “good selection” of ports.  It’s also likely to adopt the most recent Bluetooth and Wi-Fi standards.

“By the time we are done, we’ll give the Surface Pro line a run for its money with a new 2-in-1 tablet and laptop computer that’s developed by Eve and its community,” Windhouwer ambitiously claims.

The big question, of course, will be price – whether Eve’s growth and scale-up will let it pass more savings onto consumers and whether it will compete with new Microsoft offerings like the $399 Surface Go.

Last Updated on April 9, 2020 12:04 pm CEST by Ryan Maskell

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