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New Windows Core OS LinkedIn Leak Suggests an Improved Notification System

A LinkedIn profile posting confirms that Windows Core OS will have an updated Action Center, which will include "in-context" notifications.


Another day, another trickle of Windows Core OS (WCOS) information. This time, the source is the LinkedIn of a Microsoft software engineer who has been at the company for almost five years.

It follows documentation published by Microsoft a couple of weeks ago on WCOS support for its Intune apps, which includes Web and Appx formats. At present, the company doesn’t appear to be trying too hard to keep Core OS details under the hood, with the Surface Neo’s Windows 10X based on WCOS. However, it still hasn’t talked about the modular platform officially, so this kind of thing is all we have to go on.

Either way, the experience posting describes an “in-context feature on notification settings page on Desktop and notification settings page on WCOS for Windows Settings”.

The engineer also says she fixed UI framework XAML bugs related to the Windows Settings and Action Center pages. The information backs up previously leaked documents that suggested a new Action Center for WCOS that would offer easy setting modification and display the battery state and brightness.

Per previous LinkedIn slip-ups, the platform is also thought to have support for Win32 and might even power its next-gen consoles. By all indications, this will be the next evolution of Windows and Microsoft appears to be actively developing it across all sectors.

That could mean we’re poised for more information at Build 2020, the company’s annual developer conference. With multiple WCOS-based reportedly poised for a release this year, you’d think the information would be useful to app creators. Especially as the platform is thought to be distinctly different from Microsoft’s previous efforts, its modular UI automatically optimizing for the form factor of the device.

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