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Microsoft Remote Desktop Receives iOS Update

Version 10.0.4 of Remote Desktop on iOS has been released today with a focus on making UI tweaks and squashing bugs.


has continued its renewed commitment to . On iOS, the app has received a new update bumping it up to Version 10.0.4. With this release, Microsoft has mostly concentrated on bug fixes.

If you're unfamiliar with Remote Desktop, it is an app that allows users to connected to the PC remotely from another device.

However, there are also some changes to the UI experience. For example, when a user account is deleted, a confirmation UI is now shown. Furthermore, Microsoft has tweaked the UI for the Connection Center on Remote Desktop.

Below is the full changelog for Version 10.0.4.

  • Confirmation UI is now shown when deleting user accounts and gateways.
  • The search UI in the Connection Centre has been slightly reworked.
  • The username hint (if it exists) is now shown in the credential prompt UI when launching from an RDP file or URI.
  • Fixed an issue where the extended on-screen keyboard would extend underneath the iPhone notch.
  • Fixed a bug where external keyboards would stop working if they were disconnected and reconnected.
  • Added support for the ESC key on external keyboards.
  • Fixed a bug where English characters were appearing when entering Chinese.
  • Fixed a bug where some Chinese input would remain in the remote session after deletion.
  • Fixed crashes that were showing up in error reporting.

You can download the Remote Desktop app here from App Store.

New Focus

Back in November, Microsoft issued its first update for Remote Desktop on iOS in over a year. Since then, the company has continued its renewed commitment to the app. Last month, an extensive update was rolled out for iOS.

Microsoft added support for RDP files and RDP URIs, which can now be launched on Remote Desktop.

Elsewhere, Microsoft has made workspace headers collapsible to make the UI more functional. Furthermore, there are numerous tweaks to how the app behaves. That said, there have also been some removals, such as the force-touch gesture for mouse right clicks.

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