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Windows 10 Could Gain Music From Phone to PC Via Bluetooth

Microsoft could bring music streaming through Bluetooth for Windows 10, two years after the ability was removed from the platform.


According to reports, is working on bringing the ability to listen to music from your phone on Windows PC through . Yes, this basically means users may be getting a feature that used to be part of the Windows platform years ago.

Codebase for Windows 10 Insider builds (spotted by Windows Latest) shows discussions about Bluetooth's A2DP feature.

This is an important tool that would be making its return to Windows. It would allow users to listen to music from their phone on PC through Bluetooth. It's worth noting this tool was available on Windows as far back as .

On Win7, you could connect through Bluetooth to add a device and find your smartphone to stream music. You can still add devices for Bluetooth on Windows 10 but you cannot play music from your phone on PC.


Microsoft dropped the process in 2018 when the A2DP sink on Windows 10 was removed. An Intel support document in 2018 explained the removal.

“You won't be able to receive audio from other Bluetooth devices via A2DP. For example, you won't be able to stream music from your mobile phone to speakers on a Windows 10 PC,” Intel noted.

If Microsoft's Insider development continues, it seems you will soon be able to play music from phone to PC again. It is worth noting this would have nothing to do with the company's Your Phone application and would work across iOS and Android.

Your Phone is an Android tool that mirrors an Android smartphone on a Windows PC.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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