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Microsoft Axes Its ‘Project Catnip’ PWA for Insiders after Technical Issues

The Project Catnip Insider PWA won't be expanding to all after unspecified technical issues. Microsoft is looking and other ways to implement the features it wants.


has announced that it no longer plans to bring its Project Catnip PWA to all Insiders. The app was designed to help the volunteers testers see new update preview builds and news, but it appears the company has run into technical hitches.

“We're no longer planning to do external testing or a public release of our ‘Project Catnip PWA' for the Windows Insider Program,” said Brandon LeBlanc, senior program manager of the Windows Insider team. “Due to some technical limitations, we were not going to be able to offer the experiences we wanted to for Insiders through the PWA. We're still looking at solutions for some of the features we investigated in the PWA. Thank you as always for your enthusiasm.”

Project Catnip previously rolled out to a select number of ‘Canary' Insiders last May and was first teased at Ignite 2018. The idea was to build it as a PWA so it could be used with ease across Windows, Android, and iOS.

As well as build news and information, Catnip was planned to show Insider Stories and showcase Insider stories and achievements. It's not exactly clear where the issues arose, but hopefully Microsoft manages to get the features to Insiders in some other form.

In the meantime, they can enjoy preview build 19551, which rolled out with the news. It makes several useful fixes, from screen snipping issues to Remote Desktop crashes and weird UI bugs. Here's the full list:

  • “We fixed an issue resulting in snipping not working on secondary monitors.
  • Thank you for reporting that the Optimize Drives Control Panel was incorrectly showing that optimization hadn't run on some devices. We've fixed it in this build.
  • We've fixed an issue causing Remote Desktop Connection crashes when attempting to connect to multiple sessions.
  • We've made a server-side fix to address the issue causing Narrator Home to crash when selecting the “What's New” button in Narrator Home.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in the language defaults listed at the top of Language Settings unexpectedly being blank.
  • We've done some work to help address feedback reports that screenshots (WIN+Shift+S) pasted into would be unexpectedly large.
  • We fixed an issue where, if you'd changed the candidate pane font for the Pinyin IME, it would be reset back to default after you reboot your PC.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon in the notification area sometimes unexpectedly drawing in white (making it unreadable) when using light theme.”

Unfortunately, there are still some issues in the build, which you can read about on the Windows blog.

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