Microsoft has this week introduced a new tool for its PowerToys app collection. Specifically, the service now includes a PowerLauncher.

As the name suggests, the new tool is a quick launcher. It has some interesting additions such as support for plugins and a search ability.

PowerLauncher was developed by Jessica Yuowono, a Program Manager for Microsoft. The App allows users to launch an app instantly and search for other tools. Other features on the service include auto-complete.


Microsoft says PowerLauncher is designed to make it faster to find search results than the Win+S shortcut. Indeed, the company says the launcher can replace that key group. However, the tool is currently under review and not available widely on PowerToys just yet.

In the meantime, you can see its details on GitHub.

New PowerToys

Last year, rolled out its re-tooled PowerToys in preview. Two features are part of the preview, which is a reimagining to the suite that has its roots in Windows 95.

With ShortcutGuide, users can hold the Windows key for a customizable amount of time to get a list of keys they can combine it with. This overlay taps into the content on a user’s screen, pointing out taskbar elements, shortcuts, and more.

FancyZones is arguably more useful. With it, users can choose between preset window layouts or create their own.

In October, Clint Rutkas returned to Microsoft to head up the PowerToys division. Rutkas was with Microsoft for years, including as Senior PM for the developer platform. In June he decided to move to Facebook as a Developer Advocate.