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Microsoft Flight Simulator: More Tech Alpha 1 Invites Close Today, SDK Coming Soon

Microsoft Flight Simulator Tech Alpha 2 has been renamed to simply 'Alpha,' and will launch alongside an SDK alpha.


The Microsoft Flight Simulator team has posted another dev update, this time giving Insiders a peek at audio design methodology while updating the progress of Tech Alpha 1, the SDK, and Tech Alpha 2.

Episode 5 of the Feature Discovery series covers the soundscape of Flight Simulator, including audio simulation technology, how physical aircraft was recorded, and the fine differences in world soundscape between different regions and in various weather patterns.

Meanwhile, the invites for the Tech Alpha 1 test build will stop by the end of today. That will close off Insider's last chance to experience that specific test, but another is coming soon.

Speaking of which, is renaming Tech Alpha 2 to just ‘Alpha'. It says this is an effort to avoid confusion with Tech Alpha 1, but it just makes it more confusing if you ask me. However, it does note that this ‘more accurately reflects the state of the build', so maybe we'll see a beta next?

Either way, here's the schedule for Alpha invite rollouts:

  • 20 – Begin sending Alpha invitations.
  • 27 – All Alpha invitations sent.
  • 27 – Alpha ready for download, begin sending build access emails.
  • 31 – All wave 1 Alpha emails sent.

Those in the first alpha will automatically get access to the second, rewarding them for their help. With the alpha, Microsoft will also release the Flight Simulator SDK alpha, which has been anticipated. With it, 3rd party development partners will be able to create and edit airports, sceneries, planes, and missions.

At the end of the year, the dev team announced that a preview of the SDK would be pushed back to mid-January, with version 1 planned for March. It seems to be on track so far, while February will feature a discovery series on Airports and IFR.

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