Microsoft has been increasingly making Windows Search more efficient through recent Windows 10 updates. Through a new Search experience launched last June, the company has been working on a more streamlined and functional tool.

In another evolution of Windows Search, Microsoft has now released a new Windows 10 tool. Specifically, this is a diagnostic tool designed to analyze issues in search indexes.

The new application shows data from search indexing problems and lets users troubleshoot them. On the homepage, more information is presented, such as pending issues that need to be resolved and how many indexed items there are.


Furthermore, users can also see the status of the indexer, and usage stats broken down by week, day, and hour. Looking to the sidebar, more options are available, such as troubleshoot selections like “Search is not working” and “What is being indexed?”.

For example, clicking the “search is not working” options surfaces options for resetting search or restarting the Windows Search program.

If you want to check out the new search diagnostic tool, you can get it at the Microsoft Store. It is worth pointing out that the app is currently in beta.

Search Overhaul

As mentioned, Microsoft has been transforming the search experience on Windows 10 culminating in a redesigned and repurposed tool last June. From UI tweaks to splitting Cortana and Windows Search into separate entities, many changes were made.

With Windows Search now independent of Cortana, users should be getting a more complete tool. Microsoft said an independent Search app allows deeper development of the service through bespoke updates.