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Microsoft Extends Functionality of PWAs With Run On Start Ability

Available in Chromium Edge, PWAs on Windows 10 can now run on PC startup in a further push to regular app behavior.


has been doing a lot of work with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in recent years. The company wants PWAs to behave like traditional apps. For example, being able to add them to the Start menu on .

In another push towards regular app-like functionality on the platform, Microsoft has a new ability. Specifically, Progressive Web Apps through can now run on start-up of a PC.

Currently available in testing on Chromium Edge, the feature will be available when PWAs are installed on a PC. In other words, it's currently an option. Microsoft could make it a default eventually, but we think its good users get the choice.

PWAs that run on start-up will be located in the registry through the Windows Task Manager. This is another point towards Microsoft's desire for PWAs to behave like regular apps.

A PWA is a regular web page that can be used like a traditional or mobile application. They load like a regular page but can offer things like offline support, launching from the home screen, and push notifications.

Development of PWAs

PWAs still work like regular applications with Cortana support, notifications, and live tiles. While early PWAs have not really been impressive, there are hints developers will embrace the technology. In doing so, Windows 10 will bridge the app gap that has been problematic for the platform.

A month ago, it emerged Facebook is working on a PWA for Instagram that will replace its Windows 10 app.

The move to a PWA should mean more frequent updates. PWAs are more lightweight and devs can push updates more easily. However, it's currently unclear whether some features will make it over.

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