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Dynamics 365 Commerce to Lead Microsoft’s Busy NRF 2020

As part of Microsoft’s plans to go big at NRF 2020 next week, Dynamics 365 Commerce and Fraud Protection features will be discussed.


Yesterday, we discussed 's plans to have a big presence at the NRF 2020 Vision retail trade show next week. That includes CEO Satya Nadella delivering the keynote at the New York City event, which is the biggest retail trade show in the world. Now, Microsoft has said Dynamics 365 Commerce will underpin its NRF 2020.

As well as discussing upcoming retail-focused tools in Dynamics 365, Microsoft will also reveal when those solutions will launch.

We already know Dynamics 365 Commerce will launch on February 3 as a replacement for Dyanmics 365 Retail. At NRF, Microsoft will expand on the details of the service. It aims to unify back office, in-store, call center, and digital experiences.

By doing so, Microsoft hopes to empower better decision making, tying in the AI insights needed to build brand loyalty and create a more efficient supply chain.

“Existing Dynamics 365 Retail customers will automatically transition to Dynamics 365 Commerce once it becomes generally available,” a company spokesperson told ZDNet.

“Customers seeking to maintain existing functionality from Dynamics 365 Retail will not see a change in pricing. Customers will have the option of opting in for the new e-commerce add-on capabilities at an additional cost. We will share more of those pricing details as we get closer to GA,” the spokesperson said in response to a question about pricing.”

Fraud Protection

Sticking with Dynamics 365, Microsoft will announce two features for the Fraud Protection tool. Called Account Protection and Loss Prevention, the pair will land in public preview from January 11.

Retailers can use Account Protection to look for patterns in account activity, including suspicious login attempts. As for Loss Prevention, it's a tool that focuses on protecting against discount fraud.

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