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Xbox Series X and PS5 Details Leak on GitHub

A new leak highlights some specs coming to the Xbox Series X and specifically Sony’s PlayStation 5 consoles that will launch next year.


will launch its Xbox Scarlett () in less than a year, with Sony's PlayStation 5 also landing during holiday season 2020. This information has been confirmed by both companies. However, neither company has offered many specific details about the consoles.

Microsoft has been a little more forthcoming and dropped tidbits of info since announcing Xbox Series X in the summer.

Among the biggest points of speculation is what will power the next generation of consoles. It now seems Microsoft and Sony's chip partners have shed some light on what we can expect.

Specifically, Eurogamer has found a GitHub file detailing testing for AMD Ryzen APUs. This silicon is expected to be the computing base of the PS5. This same database also highlights a 3DMark benchmark for a GPU specification for Xbox Series X.

Eurogamer dubbed this the “Oberon” leak and it shows information such as the APU memory, rated bandwidth, and teraflops. Again, it's worth noting the bulk of the information seems to show the spec makeup of the PlayStation 5.

While information about the CPU remains missing, the leak does show the silicon will have 36 compute units at 2.0GHz. The file does not mention it, but this information should relate to 9.2 teraflops of GPU power for Sony's upcoming device.

Elsewhere, the leak points to the use of GDDR6 RAM memory with potential bandwidth of 512GB/s.

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There is less information available about Microsoft's upcoming console. According to Eurogamer, we can expect to see 12 teraflops for the GPU. Luckily, we should see Redmond ramp up its pre-release cycle for Xbox Series X through 2020.

Certainly, we are looking forward to E3 in June as Microsoft and Sony will likely go toe-to-toe with full reveals of the consoles.

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