Image: 9to5Google

Media companies are diversifying the streaming market by creating their own services. For consumers, this means having numerous platforms to view content on. Keeping track of what you watch across those platforms will become increasingly complicated. Google is looking to simplify the problem with a feature called “Watchlist”.

Available on the Google app on Android and iOS, the tool is a new feature for Google Search. Specifically, Watchlist helps users manage what content they are viewing.

When viewing content, the information below the video (Knowledge Panel) now shows a new card that displays a “Watched It?” checkmark and “Watchlist” bookmark. Furthermore, you can also see movies that are still in the cinema through a “Get Tickets” button and moves to the “Showtimes” tab.

Let’s look at how these options work:

Watched It? – If you check the accompanying box, this changes to “Watched” to show you have previously viewed the content.

Watchlist – This creates a saved list of what you have watched. Here there is cover art for the content.


Looking more at Watchlist, a Google search result will not show “Also on your Watchlist”. By choosing “View All”, you can see what’s on your content list in the Google app. Lists can be shared with contacts.

Google has been rolling out the feature over the holidays and it seems to be available for everyone. We fired up our devices and the tool is available, so we guess its general now. It’s certainly a welcome addition to the search experience on mobile.

Google has not confirmed if Watchlist will arrive on desktop in the future.