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Microsoft 365 Life Could Include Windows 10 After All

A new report suggests Microsoft 365 Life, a consumer-fronted version of the bundle, could have Windows 10 with added features


As we reported earlier this month, 365 is getting a consumer version that will launch in 2020. Called Life, the bundle will feature core Microsoft services. However, unlike the enterprise focused tools of the normal suit, “Life” will be focused on regular users.

With that in mind, Microsoft 365 Life will reportedly have Office 365 Personal and Home, including Microsoft's upcoming Teams consumer version.

It was not originally believed that the bundle would include . The reasoning behind that speculation was sound as most people buying a consumer package would already have the latest version of the platform on their PC.

It now seems that Windows 10 may be included in Microsoft 365 for consumers after all. According to WindowsUnited, a source close to the project says Windows 10 will be bundled in.

So, how will this work considering all PC owners would already have Windows 10 anyway? Reportedly, the version of the OS included in Microsoft 365 Life will have features that are not available on the normal version.

New Tools

In other words, Microsoft will entice and add value to 365 by giving users a different spin on Windows. We certainly hope this means Microsoft adding new features and not locking existing ones behind the subscription paywall.

In its current business guise, Microsoft 365 bundles several commercial services into a subscription service. Included in the package are Windows 10, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

A consumer version would likely include Outlook Mobile, Office 365, Skype, and other services.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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