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Microsoft Flight Simulator’s SDK Preview Is Now Planned for mid Janurary

The Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK preview has been pushed back to mid-January, with a full release following in March.


Flight Simulator has wrapped up its Tech Alpha 2 recruitment for the year, but work is still being done to get its SDK up and running. In their latest development update, the team stated a release window for an early version.

Microsoft has pushed the SDK preview back to mid-January and it's ‘confident' that it can deliver it for then. The initial version is designed primarily to get devs familiar and gain vital feedback. MSFS' developers heavily stress that this is a preview version and not a replacement for a full release.

Thankfully, version 1 of the SDK won't be far away, with a tentative release of March 2020. Meanwhile, the team has posted the first draft of the Feedback Snapshot in the Insider portal. This details things like top issues, questions, and a community wishlist. You'll have to be an Insider to view it, which you can sign up for here.

Other than that, Microsoft issued a big thank you for the support in 2019 and shared some screenshots from Tech Alpha 1:

“On behalf of the entire MSFS team, we wish you and your loved ones the very best this holiday season”, they said. “As we bring 2019 to a close, we are incredibly grateful for everyone that has joined us on this adventure of developing the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator! We've taken some memorable steps with you in 2019, and we cannot wait to continue this adventure with you in 2020.”

Due to the holidays, the next development update will land on January 9. That means it'll be a couple of weeks later than the usual schedule dictates, but the dev team deserves as much a break as anyone.

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