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New Microsoft Edge Wizard Helps You Pin Web Apps to Your Taskbar

Microsoft Edge's Chromium Canary also contains the early stages of QR code webpage sharing for some users.


has released a new feature for its Chromium Edge browser that signals a renewed push towards web apps. As spotted by Reddit's Leopeva64, its options menu now has a pin to taskbar wizard.

The wizard is found under the ‘More Tools' section of the menu and suggests some of the most visited sites you might want to pin. It also recommends popular Microsoft web apps, such as Office, Bing, and News. As you tick them, they'll automatically appear on your taskbar, icon included.

Also in the version of the browser is an early version of a new webpage sharing functionality. Users can already send webpages to the Edge browser on , but Microsoft is now testing a QR code system.

An icon for a QR code appears in your browsers address bar, and scanning that on your phone will take you to that webpage. This has the advantage of working even if you aren't signed in on Edge on mobile and means friends can grab your webpages, too.

Unfortunately, the feature doesn't function properly right now, simply displaying a colored box. However, the feature was found in the Canary channel and is part of a tiered rollout. By the time these additions reach the development ring, they should be functioning near-perfectly.

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