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Microsoft Developing Office 365 Tool to Combat Reply-All Mail Storm Attacks

Microsoft says its Reply-All Mail Storm Protection tool will be available on Office 365 during the third quarter of 2020.


is working on a new that will help organizations maintain security across emails. The company says the new tool is designed to protect users against email storms. Microsoft itself has some experience facing a Reply-All mail storm following an attack earlier this year.

Back in January, over 11,000 Microsoft employees were victims of a Reply-all Email Storm.

If you're unfamiliar with the attack method, it's a sudden surge of “reply all” emails sent on a distribution list. It takes just a single reply from someone on the list to ensure the reply goes to all other contacts.

Microsoft says a Reply-All Mail Storm can disrupt organizations and throttle mail flow on Office 365. The company now plans to integrate a new Reply-All Storm Protection feature in Exchange Online.

Exchange Online currently has features that help to thwart Reply-All mail storms, such as allow sender lists and recipient limits. Microsoft says these allow Office 365 uses to be more secure against mail storms.

However, the company points out more protection is needed. That's where the new tool comes in. It will detect when a Reply-All Mail Storm is happening and automatically block users from replying.

Microsoft says the feature is currently in development and is scheduled for launch during Q3, 2020.

Campaign Views

Just this week, Microsoft introduced Campaign Views in Office 365 to further shore up emails. With Campaign Views, Office 365 customers can see a complete view of all malicious email phishing campaigns that are within an inbox. Until now, Organizations limited to only seeing details about an individual malicious email.

The tool is integrated with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). With Campaign Views will show up as a new section in Office 365 ATP Threat Explorer.

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