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HoloLens 2 Competitor Magic Leap One Introduces Enterprise Suite

Magic Leap One is now available with an Enterprise Suite that aims to make the device more competitive against HoloLens 2.


's is not the only augmented reality headset on the market these days. Last year, Magic Leap's hardware was launched. However, Microsoft has been explicit that HoloLens 2 is an enterprise device. Magic Leap One on the other hand was marketed as more of an all-round device.

With recent data showing the Magic Leap One has failed to sell in big numbers, the company is reacting. This week, Magic Leap announced its device is gaining an Enterprise Suite that will make it more appealing to businesses. The suite will also make the device more of a competitor with HoloLens 2.

Essentially, the Enterprise Suite is a re-tooled version of the Magic Leap One Creator Edition. It bundles in several enterprise services, including:

  • Magic Leap 1, an updated version of Magic Leap Creator Edition, our wearable spatial computer that brings the physical and digital worlds together as one.
  • Two-year access to Device Manager with enterprise-level support from Magic Leap. Device Manager lets authorized administrators control important aspects of working with Magic Leap 1, enabling them to remotely configure devices, deploy private apps, and manage login credentials all in one place.
  • Two-year access to a RapidReplace program, so you can get a new device quickly if you need one.
  • Two-year access to enterprise level support.
  • A two-year extended warranty to guarantee Magic Leap 1 always works as it should.

Magice Leap One Enteprise Details

Magic Leap says the Enterprise Suite will cost the same as the Creator Edition, $2995. The company also said it will release a new communication and collaboration platform early in 2020.

Called Jump by Magic Leap, the platform will give organizations tools to connect digital content across the physical and virtual world.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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