In a now seemingly deleted Tweet, Microsoft confirmed that Sticky Notes is coming to Outlook on the web. The announcement was picked up on by Thurott and MSPowerUser, but now appears to be unavailable.

The uptick in updates and integrations are thanks to the hard work the Sticky Notes team has put into features over the past year or two. Last year it launched Sticky Notes 3, a major turning point for the app which featured a new design, syncing, performance improvements, and much more.

Since then, Microsoft has added integrations in OneNote and Microsoft Launcher. It’s also enabled image embedding, an always-on-top button, multi-desktop support, a colorful dark mode, and more.


All of these have made it a much more capable note-taking app, and more competitive with Google’s Keep. However, some do question the need for the app and its integrations when Microsoft already has OneNote and To-Do.

The answer is that some users just seem to prefer the simplicity of Sticky Notes and the ability to pin them to their desktop. Despite this, there are still a number of areas the app can improve, namely the fact each note takes up space in the taskbar.

Whether you like it or not, Microsoft says Sticky Notes web will start coming to Outlook users next month. We expect it to have much the same functionality as the OneNote web client, with the added benefit of having it right on your email sidebar.