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Microsoft Reveals Dynamics 365 Apps will be Replaced by LinkedIn Tools

Dynamics 365 Talent Attract and Talent Onboard will be replaced by LinkedIn Talent Hub, which combines Recruiter and Jobs.


Microsoft is readying a change to its Dynamics 365 product catalog in the coming years. Last week, the company confirmed Dynamics 365 Talent Attract and Talent Onboard will be removed from the enterprise management suite.

“Service for the Attract and Onboard applications will end on February 1, 2022. Eligible customers can continue using Attract and Onboard until February 1, 2022 or the end of their most recent Dynamics 365 contract or renewal, whichever occurs first.  Current customers will be able to renew their contract up until June 6, 2020.”

According to Microsoft, the apps will be removed on February 1, 2022. That means users have just over two years with the apps before they are shuttered. In its confirmation, Microsoft pointed users towards LinkedIn Talent Hub.

The decision furthers Microsoft’s deeper integration with LinkedIn. Talent Hub is a tool that allows users to track applications for managing, hiring, and sourcing. Bundled into the Talent Hub are LinkedIn’s Recruiter and Jobs solutions.

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016 for $27 billion. It was the largest transactions in Microsoft’s history and the company has increasingly sought to integrate more deeply with LinkedIn.

Human Resources

In a blog post confirming the changes, Microsoft also said it will rebrand Dynamics 365 Talent as Human Resources. This change will be effective from February 3, 2020. All changes have already been posted to the Dynamics website, which shows Dynamics 365 Talent has been rebranded as Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

“If you are only using the core HR capabilities within Dynamics 365 Talent, you can continue business as usual without any disruption.  If you are using Attract or Onboard, we recommend that you reach out to your account team or partner to get more information and build a plan to transition off of the service by February 1, 2022, or the contract end date, whichever comes first.”

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