Since its launch two years ago, Microsoft 365 has been a product focused on Microsoft’s enterprise customers. However, the company could now be preparing to launch a consumer-fronted version of the product bundle.

According to a report from ZDNet, a consumer-oriented Microsoft 365 is being prepared for a spring, 2020 launch.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time such information has emerged. Almost exactly a year ago, rumors appeared of Microsoft preparing a consumer variant of Microsoft 365. Perhaps the company has been working on the development of that product through 2019.

Certainly, Redmond is now making some official noise that this is the case. At the Credit Suisse Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference the week Microsoft’s Rajesh Jha suggested it was in the company’s list of goals to offer Microsoft 365 to consumers.

While Jha stopped short of any official confirmation, his comments are certainly interesting.

New Version

In its current business guise, Microsoft 365 bundles several commercial services into a subscription service. Included in the package are Windows 10, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

A consumer version would likely include Outlook Mobile, Office 365, Skype, and other services. Windows 10 will not be included as most people buying a consumer package would already have the latest version of the platform on their PC.

ZDNet suggests Microsoft will also add a password manager and its rumored “Teams for Life” applications.

Whereas the normal Microsoft Teams is focused on enterprise use, “For Life” will be for personal users. It will be for family and friends, suggesting it will be a consumer-facing communication and collaboration tool.