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Netflix Cancelled Accounts are Reportedly Being Sold by Hackers

New reports suggest bad actors are re-activating cancelled Netflix accounts and selling the credentials to third parties.


customers are in danger from a hack even if they are no longer on the streaming service. Even if a subscription has been cancelled, attackers could re-start their account and set new charges against the customers.

According to the BBC, Netflix accounts that has been closed were reactivated by bad actors. The just needed basic log-in information to retrieve the accounts.

When a customer closes a Netflix account, the video streaming platform holds customer data for a 10-month period. The company's reasoning is if a customer changes their mind, they will find it easier to re-join.

Some Twitter users have noticed the problem and complained about it. Speaking to Business Insider, a Netflix spokesperson said any suspicious activity should be reported immediately.

“The safety of our members' accounts is a top priority for us, and we are always working to improve this,” the person said. “We use a variety of measures to protect our members, notifying users to change their password when suspicious activity is detected, and when there is a sign-in to their account on a new device. If a member notices any unusual activity on their account, they should contact us immediately.”

Cancelled Accounts

Netflix accounts are a hot black market property. Attackers are frequently selling login credentials for a discount price compared to a regular subscription.

It is worth noting that Netflix has a cancel culture. Many users will subscribe to the service to watch binge originals they want to see and then cancel their subscription. When another show arrives, the same user will rejoin. This means the member avoid paying a subscription fee during months of inactivity.

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