In October, Microsoft dropped a couple of surprises in the Surface Neo Windows 10X 2-in-1, and the Surface Duo Android smartphone. However, the company only showcased prototypes with brief details on each device.

In other words, Microsoft is still working on the Surface Neo and Surface Duo. Between now and the launch of the hardware in 2020, the company will continue development of features and design.

A new Microsoft Patent (discovered by WindowsUnited) points to some potential inclusions for both Surface devices. Published on November 21, the patent shows Microsoft is working on a vapor chamber. This will act a cooling section that will be spread over the hinge mechanism.

The idea behind the chamber will be to maintain a consistent cooling temperature across both sides of the dual screens Neo and Duo.

Patent Description

In the patent, Microsoft describes how the vapor chamber works:

“Examples are disclosed that relate to heat transfer devices comprising a vapor chamber and a flexible hinge.

One disclosed example provides an electronic device comprising a first portion and a second portion connected by a hinge region, and a vapor chamber extending from the first portion to the second portion across the hinge region, the vapor chamber comprising a first layer comprising titanium, a second layer comprising titanium joined to the first layer to form the vapor chamber, a working fluid within the vapor chamber, and a third layer comprising titanium positioned between the first layer and the second layer, the third layer comprising one or more features configured to conduct the working fluid via capillary action.”