Microsoft’s Whiteboard application has recently gained a new update. Included in the release is a feature that expands the usefulness of the app. Specifically, users of Whiteboard can now view more documents in the web application.

For example, users can see Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF files in the web version of Windows 10 Whiteboard. The new feature was introduced on Twitter by Ian Mikutel, Senior Project Lead in charge of Microsoft Whiteboard.

Whiteboard integrates with the inking capabilities of Microsoft Office to bring content to a screen that can be used by multiple users across devices.

Functional locally or online, the service works with mouse, keyboard, pen, and touch. Documents sync automatically to the loud for use on any PC at a later date and inviting another user is as easy as sharing a link.

Whiteboard for the web is available on Windows 10, iOS and the web. It still has not landed on Android, although users on that platform can tap into the web app. To access the service, users must sign in through Office 365 with a work or school account.

Immersive Reading

In recent months, Microsoft has introduced immersive reading on Whiteboard. This is a suite of features that make reading on the Whiteboard app easier. Specifically, the tools include focus mode, the ability to locate parts of speech, and a visual dictionary.

With these immersive reading tools, students can better view text on the whiteboard. Microsoft says this feature is limited to users with an education (EDU) Microsoft Account.