Microsoft To-Do is this week receiving its latest update on Apple’s iOS platform. With this latest release, the popular task management app is bumped to Version 2.5 on iPad and iPhone. For this latest release, Microsoft has added one interesting feature for To-Do.

That tool allows natural language processing. Users can type conversational tasks and Microsoft To-Do will automatically convert it into tasks with related dates and times.

Microsoft is clearly happy with this feature and has published a video to accompany the ability. That’s rare for an update so this is clearly a tool Microsoft thinks will add value to the To-Do experience.

Elsewhere in Microsoft To-Do Version 2.5, the app has received improvements to the dark mode. You can check out the full changelog below:

“We’ve brought the rich entry task bar to iOS. Now you can set due dates, reminders and add a task to My Day all while creating a task.

If that still sounds like too much extra work, then try typing “remind me today at 8:00” into the task name and watch the magic happen. That’s right, natural language processing has come to iOS.

  • We made some color improvements to our sidebar when you’re in dark mode.
  • Updated some of our illustrations.
  • We fixed some crashes and squashed some bugs.”

Recent Updates

Microsoft re-introduced the dark mode to To-Do on iOS last month. In September, Microsoft overhauled the To-Do experience across platforms, including on iOS. Microsoft described the new design as one of the final steps to integrating Wunderlist entirely into the To-Do experience.