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Microsoft Expands Azure Reservations to Six More Products

Microsoft has released six new Azure Reservations, bringing the total number of reserved capacity services to 16.


has been busy on Azure during the first two weeks of November. At Ignite last week, the company dropped several additions, including Azure Quantum, Synapse Analytics, and Tokens for Azure Blockchain. Now Redmond has announced reservations for six more Azure services, including several for Azure Database.

With this announcement, Microsoft's cloud services with reserved capacity now total 16. The six new reservations are:

  • Blob Storage (GPv2) and Azure Data Lake Storage (Gen2).
  • Azure Database for MySQL.
  • Database for PostgreSQL.
  • Azure Database for MariaDB.
  • Azure Data Explorer.
  • Premium SSD Managed Disks.

“With reserved capacity, you get significant discounts over your on-demand costs by committing to long-term usage of a service. We are pleased to share reserved capacity offerings for the following additional services. With the addition of these services, we now support reservations for 16 services, giving you more options to save and get better cost predictability across more workloads.”


Looking at Azure data storage, users can get a discount of 38 percent by buying reserved capacities. Microsoft is providing both one and three-year options across cool, hot, and archive storage options. Looking specifically at storage, both 100TB and 1PB tiers are available.

Azure Database has received reduced costs across MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL by up to 51 percent. Customers of memory-optimized and general-purpose developments can receive this discount and won't need to make any amendments to database resources.

In terms of Data Explorer, costs can be reduced by up to 30 percent, although only on the markup meter. This means compute storage will still be billed separately. Finally, Premium SSD Managed Disks can receive a 5 percent reduction in cost from reservations. Microsoft says the discounts are available whether a virtual machine is attached or not.

For more information, check out Microsoft's official blog here.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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