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Microsoft Tops Apple, Google, and Facebook in Ethical Study

Microsoft has been deemed more ethical than all its tech rivals across a range of criteria, with Facebook ranked down in 149th position.


Tech companies are often under fire for how they leverage user data, maintain security, and manage ethics. Naturally, some companies score better than others in these aspects. is one of those better performance and has once again been name the most ethical publicly traded company in the United States.

This is the second consecutive year Microsoft has been awarded the accolade, coming from a study sponsored by Just Capital and Forbes.

To find the results, American consumers are polled across a range of performance criteria. The study seeks to see how they serve customers, workers, the environment, and communities. Microsoft topped tech companies such as , , Intel, and Salesforce.com.

managed to land in sixth place despite its use of user data fro advertising. , a company that has stirred controversy, was placed in a lowly 149th in the raking.

This represents another black mark against Facebook, which has previously been named among the most untrustworthy tech companies. Consumers are clearly unhappy with numerous privacy breaches and poor data handling. However, interestingly Facebook's active user numbers have remained high.

Microsoft Results

Back to Microsoft, the company topped a list of tech companies in terms of community support, and 13th overall. The company has donated $1.4 billion to nonprofit initiatives globally. Furthermore, the company matches employee donations up to $15,000 per year.

In terms of employee treatment, Microsoft was 3rd overall (2nd in tech). Microsoft is one of only 4% of Russell 1000 companies that share detailed information on workforce demographics, sorted by gender, ethnicity, and occupation. The company also scored highlight for giving consistent childcare support to employees, including discounts, subsidies, and backup options.

Looking to the environment, Microsoft was ranked 2nd in tech and 9th overall, despite separating businesses moves from its environmental goals.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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